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International Growth & Advisory:

International Growth & Advisory:

Looking to grow your business? Whether you are looking to set up or expand your operations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia (AMEA), our suite of services can help you navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment so you can make the most of this region's potential and grow your business.

Our cross-border business services include:

  1. Corporate finance advisory
  2. Tax compliance and advisory
  3. Governance, board and payroll services
  4. Legal documentation review and intellectual property
  5. Free zone trade structuring

With our technical expertise and hands-on local knowledge, we help ensure you gain the full benefits of the opportunities present in emerging markets.

To register for an offshore company might be quite easy but its expansion may kill your time and money. Looking at the dynamic business changes with respect to technologies or even customer services, the companies or businesses aim to broaden their scope for expansion.

International growth can never be achieved by a business enterprise if there is no proper planning for diversification of its business activities across a broad spectrum. Expansion strategies are followed when an organization aims at high growth, by improving its overall performance.

International growth for any business can be achieved with a proper international business expansion strategy. International growth strategies have a profound impact on the internal configuration as well as the internal functioning of an organization. Moving in a new direction can be riskful for any business, as the probability of failure and success is the same. If only a manufacturer plans to diversify or expand in a field that complements his present business activity, does it make any sense? What is the fun in venturing into a business activity about which you have no knowledge or little knowledge?

  • Expansion through concentration:

This involves the investment of resources in a product line for an identified market with the help of proven technology.

  • Expansion through integration:

A company attempts to widen the scope of its business activities in such a manner that it results in serving the same set of customers.

  • Expansion through cooperation:

It may include mergers, takeovers, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

  • Expansion through internationalization:

International business strategy is formulated in the wake of globalization where most of the developing countries have liberalized their economic policies facilitating foreign direct investments, generating foreign exchange.

For these expansions, a corporate or an enterprise needs advisory firms that can help in their business growth and in achieving their goals.

Corporate advisory administrations are expected to guarantee that a corporate undertaking runs proficiently at its most extreme potential through compelling administration of monetary and different assets. It additionally revives old-line organizations and weak units and aides existing units in finding territories/exercises of development and expansion. We at Catalyst provide these services and strategies planning. Corporate finance advisory services represent an important component of the portfolio of the activities of the Catalyst. Corporate advisory services include the following services:

• Provide advice in areas of diversification based on the Government's economic and licensing policies.

• Analyzing their growth and profitability.

• Forecasting future trends, and rejuvenating old-line companies and ailing sick units by appraising their technology and processes and restructuring their capital base.

Apart from this, we also provide tax consulting services and governance services. Corporate Governance attracts a great deal for business development and attracts attention from investors and regulators. Multinational businesses are affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world. Our professional team provides tax efficient manner for the local market as well as global market.

Along with this, we also provide payroll services for businesses. For cross-border business, we offer payroll services online. Our other services include an advisory board for startups and even payroll services for small business.

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